Search continues round the clock in Osa

Authorities continue the 24-hour search for the lost American, 27-year-old Roman Dial Jr., who they say has not been seen since July 22. He is presumed to be in the lush jungle of Parque Nacional Corcovado because he emailed his father, a National Geographic explorer, that he would be entering the park to kayak.

Marlon Guitiérrez Matarrita, the chief of police in Puerto Jiménez, said Tuesday afternoon that his search team worked through the early morning and would be on break until resuming its efforts again today. Another group of officers and Cruz Roja workers were taking the night shift to continue the search.

Guitiérrez said a team of officers continues to camp out in the rugged mountains of Corcovado and overhead helicopter searches are planned again for today. He added that the missing man’s father, Roman Dial, Sr., is still in Costa Rica helping officers and that he has been their biggest source of information up to this point.

No scraps of evidence that could point searchers towards the younger Dial’s location have yet been found, Guitiérrez said.

Over the weekend Red Cross confirmed that Dial was in the El Tigre sector near the park on July 22, after a local taxi driver claimed to have recognized his picture. They also found out that he had checked out of a Puerto Jiménez hotel July 18, according to search organizer Gilberth Dondi.

The park is on the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica. The Dials are from Anchorage, Alaska.

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