Senior needs court to get operation

A 66-year-old woman suffering from multiple hernias in Pérez Zeledón was on a list for operations at a public hospital there for six months and still had not been notified of a date for surgery. In addition, she received an appointment for a gastroscopy for the year 2022 because the hospital staff said there were 381 patients ahead of her.

That was enough for her daughter who filed an appeal with the Sala IV constitutional court. The court ordered the directors of the hospital to do the  gastroscopy, an examination of the upper digestive tract, in 30 days and to schedule the operation within two months, according to a summary from the Poder Judicial.

The hospital is part of the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.  The court was critical of the Caja for its administration and organization as it has been in other similar cases.

Scheduling is a continual problem with the Caja staff, which seems to lack resources.

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