Six-day fiesta begins tonight in Nicoya

The party starts in Nicoya tonight at 5:30 p.m. with street bands, folk dancers and fireworks. There even will be a special illumination of the streets. And over at the Colegio Técnico de Corralillo de Nicoya there is the start of the tortilla contest along with marimbas and a dance.

The municipality is planning a solid six days of events to celebrate the Anexión de Partido de Nicoya.

At 6 p.m. Wednesday there is an official inauguration with speeches by politicians, more fireworks, folklore presentations and the Regional Banda Municipal de Nicoya.

There are more marimbas at noon Thursday followed by demonstrations of preparing typical foods at 2 p.m. At 6 p.m. there is more traditional folk dancing and even recitations of regional poetry. The climax is a public dance later in the evening.

Friday is a big day.  There is a bike race at 10 a.m. and a presidential cabinet meeting in the Parque Recaredo Briceño.  At 3 p.m. there is a tope or horse parade with an expected 1,200 riders, according to the organizer, the Asociación de Caballistas de Nicoya. There is more folk dancing and traditional music until the fireworks in the late evening.

Saturday there is more marimba music in the park at noon followed by a marimba concert and a 5 p.m. presentation by local and international folkloric groups, including the Grupo Folclórico de México and the Grupo Folclórico de

This is a scene from a previous tortilla contest in Nicoya. Cooks use open fires.

This is a scene from a previous tortilla contest in Nicoya. Cooks use open fires.

Nicaragua. The evening ends with another dance.

Sunday features a gathering at 2 p.m. of the traditional street bands, the cimarronas. The festivities end with another concert featuring the  Grupo Percance.

This is the 190th anniversary of the region’s decision to join with Costa Rica instead of Nicaragua. The  Festival Cultural de la Anexión 2014 is featuring the  Danza de la Yegüita each day in recognition of the native roots of the region.

The Festival de la Tortilla, runs through Thursday with two preliminary competitions followed by the final. The program at the technical school will be accompanied by music and, of course, marimbas, each day.

Guanacaste has its own unique culture including food, the marimbas, the traditional clothing of the folk dancers and even the bombas, those four-line poems that begin with the announcement Bomba! and end with a humorous twist. They are the Costa Rican version of epigrams.

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