Tico World Cup dream ends in failed penalty shots

Despite a strong defensive showing against the Dutch team in the World sup today, Saturday, Costa Rica lost on penalty shots.

The game was scoreless after two regular periods and two periods of extra times.

That fact can be attributed to superb goal tending by Kaylor Navas, who defected a handful of what seemed to be certain goals from the Dutch team.

The Dutch in their traditional orange uniforms controlled the ball for much of the four periods but could not score. Costa Rica only rarely had a shot on goal. One exception was toward the end of the second period in extra time when a mob scene developed in front of the Dutch goal. But there was no score.

The game was in jeopardy when Bryan Ruiz missed his penalty shot as the second man in the presumed five-man lineup. when  Michael Umaña, the number four shooter, had his shot defected by goalie Tim Krul.

The Dutch made four penalty shots to the three by Costa Rica.

The team from The Netherlands will face Argentina in the semi-finals.

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