U.N. secretary general will arrive here Wednesday for official visit

The secretary general of the United Nations is coming to Costa Rica for a vacation, and the first day will be an official visit with all the formalities. The secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, is traveling with his wife, Yoo Soon-tack, and a delegation of U.N. workers.

He will arrive just before 9 a.m. Wednesday and embark on a day of official activities ending with a state dinner in the Teatro Nacional at night. Costa Rica officials are excited because the last time the head of the United Nations visited here was in 2002. That was  Kofi Annan.

Ban will be staying in the country until Monday. The time after Wednesday is characterized as private, but there may be other motives that have not been disclosed.

Ban is in the center now of multiple crises, including the rebellion in the Ukraine and the downing of a Malaysian jet by separatists there, the continuing war in Syria and the battle by Israelis against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. There also are continued problems in Nigeria, Yemen and Somalia, among others.

Ban and his delegation will be met at Juan Santamaría airport by President Luis Guillermo Solís and Manuel González Sanz, the foreign minister.

Then they will go to the Interamerican Court of Human Rights in San Pedro. Then is a lunch in his honor at the foreign ministry.
While at the foreign ministry, Casa Amarilla, Ban is scheduled to ride a bicycle along with proponents of alternative transportation, said a summary of his schedule.

Some time in the afternoon Ban is to meet with representatives of 24 native communities, according to the foreign ministry, as well as U.N. employees working here.

Ban arrives on a commercial jet from Nicaragua where he also was to visit.

Ban has been secretary General of the United Nations since 2007. His term runs until Dec. 31, 2016.

Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon

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