World Cup excesses lead to arrests after national team’s defeat of Greece

Some Costa Rican fans became a bit too caught up in post-game celebrations Sunday. Police said they detained 30 people throughout the country during drawn-out public celebrations up until 9 p.m. when most began to die down. Transit police caught 27 drivers who tested over the legal limit for blood alcohol levels and doled out 72 tickets.

Juan José Andrade, the Fuerza Pública’s general director, said the majority of those detentions occurred in the San José metro area. Police detained subjects on grounds of disorderly conduct, possession of drugs, and domestic violence. They confirmed four men had been wounded during fights that broke out.

Andrade said citizens need to keep their cool and not lose their tempers no matter what the situation is. The Fuerza Pública coordinated with Policía de Tránsito and municipality police forces to monitor the street-side partying that lasted into the night.

Transit police conducted more than 200 blood alcohol tests total, according to the Ministry of Obras Públicas y Transporte. The 27 drivers who tested over the mark of 0.75 grams of alcohol per liter of blood were sent to the Ministerio Público for criminal action.

Mario Calderón, the transit police director, said for those drivers who measure between 0.50 and 0.75, it usually results in a fine of 293,000  colons (about $535) and six points added to their driver’s license. Professional drivers must maintain a blood alcohol content below 0.50 and can get fined for anything above 0.20.

One person was killed in Pérez Zeledón after a motorcycle collided with a car.

Calderón said that 23 of those 27 drivers who tested over the legal limit were driving in San José. He added that police will maintain similar patrols for next Saturday’s game against Holland.

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