Young robber killed by passerby

Agents took a 30-year-old man into custody Saturday afternoon after he fatally wounded a presumed robber who turned out to be a 17 year old. He was to be interviewed by prosecutors.

The 2 p.m. shooting took place in a section known as Vista de Mar in Ipis de Guadalupe, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. Agents have yet to identify anyone involved.

They said the 30 year old came upon a street robbery and ordered the robber to desist. When the robber pulled his own gun, the 30 year old fired.

The youth injured in the shooting went to Clínica de Coronado where he died, said agents.

The man who killed him carried documents and a permit to carry a pistol. He had a .38-caliber weapon. Agents said they found a homemade gun at the scene, presumably that used by the dead youth.

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