Album spotlights Costa Rican identity theft

A former rocker with British bands Manfred Mann and Thin Lizzy who had his identity stolen by an impostor in Costa Rica has released a solo album chronicling

Cover of new album

Cover of new album

the episode.

Scotsman Dave Flett, 63, fell prey to the aspiring star in 2003 amid the fallout from the Villalobos investment scheme collapse. The man masquerading as Flett claimed he had lost $80,000 in the reputed $1 billion venture later dubbed a ponzi scheme. To illustrate his story of demise, he identified himself as one of the brains behind Manfred Mann’s 1976 British No. 1 hit “Blinded by the Light” and a recent cancer survivor.

But the real Flett, who had played lead guitar on the track, was living quietly in Florida. Worse, he later told A.M. Costa Rica in an interview during which he produced incontrovertible evidence of his identity, he had never been to Costa Rica. And it was another year after the fake Flett’s claims before the real Flett realized he had become a victim of identity theft.

Now, more than 10 years on, Flett has released his first solo album, “Flying Blind.” One of the songs, titled “Identity Theft,” tells the story of his experience dealing with the affair.

“I wrote the ‘Stolen Identity’ track when I found out someone was trying to pass himself off as me,” he explained.  “When that guy impersonated me, I had to do some to make sure that all those good people who’ve loyally appreciated my past work know who is actually playing what.”

From there, more song ideas were formed, eventually leading to the 11-track album.

These days, Flett operates as an addictions counselor near Orlando, Florida. Another of the album tracks, “Forget You,” details the ravages of addiction.

Meanwhile, attempts over the years to track down the man behind the identity ruse failed. Since he vanished from Costa Rica sometime between 2002 and 2003, there have been no reported sightings of the would-be celebrity.

“Flying Blind” is available HERE!

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