Another medical device firm picks Costa Rica

U.S.-based Theragenics Corp. will open a manufacturing plant in Costa Rica to produce medical devices. Company representatives from the brand that is a worldwide leader in vascular medicines said they will begin operations here in the next few months.

An initial contract promises 50 jobs for Costa Rican professionals who would be put in charge of manufacturing operations. President Luis Guillermo Solís said this international source of employment for the country’s workers is a positive sign that points to more jobs and international investment in the future.

“We appreciate the trust that Theragenics is showing by investing in Costa Rica,” Solís said. “We know that the national labor force will successfully supply the business with its demand for personnel.”

The plant will be located in Coyol de Alajuela and the entire 17,200-square foot property should be ready by the end of 2014. It will be licensed under the subsidiary name Theragenics Costa Rica Limitada.

“The opening of our plant in Costa Rica expands our presence and our capacity for manufacturing that we didn’t have before,” said Frank Tarallo, president of Theragenics. “Costa Rica is a country that understands and supports the medicinal supply industry, and our plant will turn in the same quality, dedication, and service that have been our base for years.”

Costa Rica has long been a hotbed for medical supply companies and last year the sector of life sciences generated more than 17,200 high-quality jobs, according to a report from the foreign trade ministry.

“That Theragenics has chosen our country to install a manufacturing plant of vascular supplies shows the strength and prestige that Costa Rica has in high-quality manufacturing,” said Alexander Mora, the foreign trade minister. “We feel proud that Costa Rican hands will be producing equipment of great satisfaction that will be used around the world.”

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