British lawmaker confronts anti-Semitism

A British parliament member is visiting Costa Rica to speak out against discrimination on a global level. The visitor, John Mann, who is the head of Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating anti-Semitism, has come to get local policy makers to join in on his crusade against all classes of racism and maltreatment.

“Anti-Semitism exists all over the world, however we’re happy to be in Costa Rica, which is characterized by its respect for minorities and all types of religion,” he said.

The coalition’s strong network branches through 62 countries and is equally supported by political parties on the far right and the far left. It is not only comprised of representatives from the Jewish community, but by everyone interested in human rights issues.

“We are committed to a cause that remains strong and one that has generated many deaths,” Mann said. “We believe that each government must do its part to combat all forms of discrimination and evil.”

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