Construction chamber seeks a better Costa Rica

The construction chamber is ready to roll out its 10th annual congressional meeting, called “A Route Towards Building a Better Costa Rica.” The meeting will take place on Thursday and next Friday at the Hotel Real Intercontinental in Escazú.

A central theme for this year’s congress centers upon the challenges facing the construction industry for the next four years. Marco Gonzalez, the head of the Cámara Costarricense de la Construcción, said committee members will focus on specific issues of water and sanitation infrastructure, procedures, housing, and environment.

“These issues will be analyzed by experts and proposals will be generated from the recommendation of the current government to take into account the problems we find in each topic,” Gonzalez said.

The event’s schedule has already been set, as the opening day will focus on talks about infrastructure and procedures. In infrastructure discussions, members will assess the current state of drinking water and sanitation in the country and create a proposal that could improve institutional planning on the matter.

For process talks, the congress will address the problem of paperwork and bureaucracy in terms of slowing down construction.

Aug. 8, attention will shift solely towards housing and environmental operations. With housing, the construction experts are looking to generate ways to improve efficiency in terms of financing and land management. The agenda says the congress is hoping to create a single governing body for housing systems.

Finally, in terms of environmental discussions on the docket, members are planning to analyze how to better incorporate sustainable urban development projects into Costa Rican cities.

The congress begins at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday.

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