Contraloría questions police firearm policy

The police agencies under the security ministry are all carrying firearms illegally. And they do not have a schedule to practice.

These are the findings of surveyors from the Contraloría General de la República. The report, which covers part of 2012 and 2013, was released Thursday.

The report said that the law stipulates two years for a permit to carry a firearm, but police are carrying them for four years. In addition, the allocation of permits to police are outside the domain of the Departamento de Control de Armas y Explosivos of the Dirección General de Armamento, contrary to the law, it said.

The firearms training received by police are not consistent, and they should be, said the report.

The Escuela Nacional de Policía should set up an annual and multi-annual program for shooting practice by the various police units and agencies, the report said.

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