Drug-spotting dogs continue to earn their keep on the road or at airport

Anti-drug dogs are earning their chow. In Cieneguita, Limón, Wednesday a black lab known as Alka sensed the presences of marijuana near the gas tank cap. Officers of the Unidad Canina followed up to find five baggies stuffed around the tank cap.

Tuesday night at Juan Santamaría airport a dog named Inca became interested in a shipment of mascara tubes that were headed for Ireland. Officers found that the tubes had been laced with about 437 grams of cocaine.

Other beauty supplies yielded 593 grams. The same night police located 619 grams of cocaine hidden in auto repair parts headed for Canada.

Police said they probably would not have located the cocaine hidden in the beauty products without the help of the dog.

The confiscation in Limón was part of a security ministry effort to provide more police there. Officers have been transferred to Limón Centro and adjacent areas indefinitely. Police said that they were able to confiscate four 9-mm. pistols Wednesday, too.

Alka knows what is behind the cap.

Alka knows what is behind the cap.

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