Gang invades and plunders small community near lake Arenal

A gang of up to 14 armed men descended on the community of Nuevo Arenal, cut the power to part of the town and began to plunder.

The gunmen overwhelmed a service station attendant and two security guards. The victims were tied up and put in the lubrication pit of the service station. The crime happened at 3:30 a.m. Saturday.

The technique appears to be a new one and suggests that the raiders had knowledge of the community.

A local security guard who responded to the crime suffered a blow to his head with an iron bar but his motorcycle helmet sustained most of the blow. He was quoted on a community discussion list saying “Thank God I’m fine. My materials are lost [motorcycle and gun] and I achieved at least a little calm that the crooks did not do more damage and we have no one dead. I will continue working for the safety of my people and hope to God this will help that the organization of our people is achieved.”

He is Andrey Corrales, and he is being praised for his bravery. When he arrived he tangled with two of the criminals but was overwhelmed when others appeared.

The raiders pistol whipped another man, a guard at the El Colono hardware store, and he required hospital care.

The local Importadora Monge store was burglarized.

Community residents are criticizing the lack of response by the Fuerza Pública.  There are stations in Tilarán and La Fortuna. The Nuevo Arenal station has been closed because it is in disrepair.

Residents say they are collecting money to repair the structure with the hope that police again will be stationed there.

Nuevo Arenal is on the northeast side of the lake of the same name. Like other small communities it is vulnerable to a heavily armed group of  crooks. Community members are hoping that some security cameras will give clues to the identity of the raiders.

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