Government acts quickly to safeguard anthem

A Swedish television show upset officials in Costa Rica because the producers used the Costa Rican national anthem as background music.

The foreign ministry blasted off a note of protest to the Swedish Embassy in Guatemala Wednesday. Now the producers of the show, called “Parlament”  on the country’s television channel 4, have said they will find other music, said the ministry Thursday.

The Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto here never did say how employees there found out about the music, called the  “Himno Nacional de Costa Rica.” They did say the use on a weekly comedy and parody show was disrespectful.

The protest even involved the Costa Rican ambassador to Norway, Manuel Barrantes, who also serves as ambassador to Sweden.

Apparently the producers of the television
show did not know the origin of the music. Legally the music is in the public domain because it was composed in 1853. The music is HERE!anthem082214

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