Judicial agent held in beating

Officers detained an agent from the Judicial Investigating Organization this weekend after they say he badly beat a man suspected of owing money, according to a Fuerza Pública report. The judicial agent was identified by the last name Baldi.

Police said they followed Baldi and a friend, identified by the last name of Brenes, when they suddenly drove away from a police checkpoint. After they pulled the pair over, officers said the friend told them he was also a judicial agent but police failed to confirm that claim with a simple background check.

At the same time, police received a call alerting them of a man who was beaten over the head and had been handcuffed. The report said it had to do with an apparent debt that a Nicaraguan man named López owed.

Allan Obando, Fuerza Pública’s regional director in the northern border area of Chorotega, confirmed Saturday that Baldi is an organization agent and that his gun and vehicle were confiscated after the arrest.

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