Men stopped near La Reforma had matching .40-caliber pistols

Fuerza Pública officers seem to have frustrated a major crime over the weekend. But they are not sure what kind of crime.

The agency’s Grupo de Apoyo Operativo stopped a vehicle and found that the individuals within carried matching Glock .40-caliber semi-automatic pistols. Officers said that the traffic stop was close to the La Reforma prisons in San Rafael de Alajuela.

Each of the firearms would sell for more than $500 in the United States and probably would cost much more here. An agent associated with the tax office authorized the confiscation of the weapons to determine if taxes had been paid on them. There was no indication that the vehicle occupants had permits to carry firearms.

Police said that the men in the car also had a large quantity of bullets for the pistols and nine magazines. Police said they had no indication of what the men were planing to do and that the case has been referred to judicial investigators. Three of the men are Costa Rican, and the fourth is a Nicaraguan.

These are not your usual street firearms.

These are not your usual street firearms.

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