Motor fuel prices will decline

Don’t fill that tank yet. The price regulating agency said that the pump cost of super gasoline will go down 36 colons per liter and that plus grade will decline by 30 colons.

The agency, the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos, said the decrease was due to the lower world price of petroleum despite a slight bump in the dollar exchange rate.

Lately an $80 fill up is not unusual with gas prices above the $5 a gallon mark.

The new super prices will be 774 colons a liter (2,929.91 colons per U.S. gallon). That’s $5.38 a gallon.

Plus will be 752 colons a liter  (2,846.63 colons per U.S. gallon). That’s $5.22.

Diesel declined just a colon, and the anticipated price is 666 colons per liter or 2,521.08 colons a gallon. That’s $4.63,

Liquid petroleum gas also declined slightly by 4 colons a liter.

When the new prices go into effect, there probably is not a reason for a big shopping spree. The per liter reduction for super is just 7 U.S. cents. Plus declined 6 U.S. cents per liter. Still that’s about 25 U.S. cents less for super and 21 U.S. cents less per gallon for plus.

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