Osa searchers come up empty in quest for missing U.S. tourist

Officials have suspended the search for a missing U.S. tourist,  Cody Roman Dial, in Parque Nacional Corcovado. Carlos Herrera, the Cruz Roja chief in charge of search efforts, said Wednesday from Puerto Jiménez that a new search would only begin again if revealing facts or pieces of evidence come to light.

Authorities have been looking for Dial since July 24 in the dense and rugged jungle terrain located on the Osa peninsula, but Herrera said there has been no trace of the 27-year-old Dial after a complete sweep of park grounds.

“There are no clues for us to follow,” said Herrera by telephone. “We searched the entire park and have not found a thing.”

Based on an email to his father in mid-July, Dial was thought to be kayaking and camping in the park. Authorities said that if Dial passed through the park at all then he is expected to have entered via the Río Conte, as he did not register at a park ranger station.

Roman Dial, the missing man’s father, has been in Costa Rica since the  search began. Herrera said the elder Dial is now in contact with the U.S. Embassy in coordinating a subsequent plan of action to find his son.

An embassy spokesperson said they were unable to comment on the matter and referred to it as an ongoing investigation. “We’ve been in very close contact with the local authorities as well as the family regarding this investigation,” he said.

A representative from the Judicial Investigating Organization said agents have not been assigned to the case.

Dial was said to have been last seen by a taxi driver July 22 in a sector of Osa known as El Tigre. The Dials live in Anchorage, Alaska, where the father is a professor at Alaska Pacific University and a well-known adventurer and part of the National Geographic Explorers team.

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