Plane with cocaine and money grounded

Police discovered a plane loaded with 400 kilograms of cocaine Sunday in Guanacaste’s Bebedero de Cañas. Police detained six persons, including a Mexican who was piloting the plane and a Costa Rican co-pilot. Two more suspects are on the run, according to a spokeswoman from the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Authorities also found a large sum of cash in a box and a sack aboard the aircraft that they expect could exceed $1 million, though a spokeswoman said no exact figure was known.

An initial report from the Fuerza Pública said police found the car of the two men who fled near the entrance to the Llanos de Cortéz waterfall in Bagaces. Local forces flew a helicopter over the area to search for the suspects.

Judicial investigators from the Cañas branch said that a surveillance team saw that the plane was coming from Guatemala Sunday morning to deliver the cocaine. The aircraft was found on a farm with a private runway near the energy plant Ingenio Taboga, the spokeswoman said. The runway was used to shuttle in planes, which were then loaded with drugs and refueled for their delivery.

Officials said it’s presumed that the plane was going to return to Guatemala and then go to Mexico.

A report from the judicial agency said this investigation had lasted for more than two months, and authorities conducted surveillance operations to gather more evidence.

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