Steel wire firm will employ 200 in Orotina

A firm based in Belgium has opened a new plant in La Ceiba de Orotina to manufacture steel fibers for concrete. The firm is Bekaert, operating here as Bekaert Costa Rica S.A.

The company will export its product, which is under the Dramix trademark to the rest of Latin America.

Government officials said they were happy to see investment going to a location outside the metro area.

The facility is 10,200 square meters, nearly 110,000 square feet, and includes the ArcelorMittal operation that was purchased by Bekaert. Some 200 people will work at the location. The expansion included participation by ArcelorMittal, and the facility was renamed BIA Alambres Costa Rica S.A.

The objective is to better serve customers from various sectors in the region with a broader steel wire product portfolio in the construction, mining, oil & gas, agricultural, fencing and industrial markets, said Bekaert.

The firm employes about 8,000 persons in Latin America and 27,000 worldwide.

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