Tax officials report closing 16 businesses

The tax agency said that its investigators closed 16 businesses this week in Alajuela, Heredia and San Carlos.

The agency, the Dirección General de Tributación, said that 10 of the firms had not remitted sales tax during the proper interval. Six of the firms failed to provide comprobantes or official receipts to customers.

The businesses included bars, restaurants and even a hotel, the Hotel Arenal Vista Lodge in San Carlos.

Three of the firms were not registered with tax officials.

The other businesses were identified by tax officials as:

Bar y Restaurante Gonvich in Heredia; Cardys Bar y Restaurante, San Ramón; Celulares Dos Mil in Heredia; Euromueble in Palmares, an unregistered firm that sells aluminum windows and glass in Alajuela; Muebles Metálicos FH in San Ramón; Pañalera La Parada, Alajuela;  Pisos y Acabados Rústicos S.A. in Alajuela; Restaurante Mirador Aeropuerto in Alajuela; Restaurante Viejo Campeón in Heredia; Súper Bienvenidos in Heredia; Tienda El Regalón in San Carlos, and Tienda y zapatería Ileana in San Carlos. There also were a refrigeration company and a fabricating firm that were not registered and had no name.

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