And the hangover the following day is a real killer

The Facebook friend had a lot more on her mind than friendship, investigators say.

The 39-year-old woman prowled for suckers on the social networks and then suggested an intimate rendezvous.

At least three men took her up on her offer and there probably are many more. She was a mickey finn artist who would quickly spike the drink of her new male companion and then clean out the apartment or house. The Judicial Investigating Organization says she obtained at least $15,000 in jewelry in one case. They did not say how the victim explained that to his wife. Another victim lost 5 million colons in cash.

Agents said they located some of the items when they searched the woman’s home in Desamparados Tuesday. She faces allegations of aggravated robbery and attempted murder.

She is one of a long line of women and men who prey upon the unsuspecting. Many times the victim is an expat. They report being overcomed by sudden drowsiness after taking one or more women to their apartment.

'Let's go someplace more cozy!'

‘Let’s go someplace more cozy!’

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