Another illegal rural still goes up in flames during police raid

Bootlegged alcohol always is dangerous, but the still police knocked over Thursday night was downright unhealthy. Even the Fuerza Pública officers said so.

The still was in a mountainous area of Valverde Vega in Alajuela province. Police said the owner of the property did not know of the operation.

No one was there when police arrived. They said they received a tip. They said they found large containers for fermentation and other devices used in making alcohol. All were in deplorable condition.

The scene was something like rural stills during the era of U.S. Prohibition. Police torched much of the combustibles.

At the very least bootlegged alcohol can cause blindness. There have been several cases in Central America in the last few years where dozens of persons died.

By contrast, police and tax agents sometimes raid sophisticated bootlegging operations, usually in the cities.  One setup in Tibás was duplicating the container and label of a popular brand of guaro.

Police torched everything that could burn.

Police torched everything that could burn.

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