Arms treaty meeting plans structure

Costa Rican officials are meeting with representatives of 69 other countries to promote the U.N. Commerce in Arms Treaty and to prepare for a conference of the countries that have signed the treaty next year,

This is the treaty attributed to Óscar Arias Sánchez that would require countries to keep track of the weapons their manufacturers are putting into the global marketplace.

Proponents of the treaty are hoping for ratification by 50 countries because that would put the treaty into force. Some 45 countries have ratified the agreement, although many more have signed it.

The second day of the session is being held in México today. México is one of the countries that has ratified the treaty.  The meeting goal is to set up a structure for administering the treaty once it is ratified. The treaty was approved at the United Nations April 2, 2013.

The theory behind the treaty is that conventional weapons frequently are put into illegal commerce.

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