Big metro area storm fails to materialize

Transport officials closed Ruta 32, the scene of many landslides, at 2 p.m. Wednesday in anticipation of a major thunderstorm.

However, the expected deluge did not materialize.

Transport officials are nervous after some 1,200 motorists and passengers were trapped on Ruta 32 Thursday night by multiple slides.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional issued a 2 p.m. bulletin calling for as much as 100 millimeters of rain in the northern zone, the Pacific coast and the Central Valley Wednesday afternoon. That was the news that led to the road closing.

There was more than an inch of rain in La Cruz in Guanacaste and about a tenth of an inch in San José, but there was not the powerful thunderstorm similar to the one that swept through the Central Valley Tuesday.

The weather institute blamed a low pressure area along the Pacific coast for the unstable conditions that forecasters thought would lead to another big storm.

That low pressure area is moving away, but the weather institute said it still would figure in today’s conditions.

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