Flamenco with literary theme next Tuesday

The Al Andalus flamenco dancers will tackle a literary theme Oct. 7 for the Teatro al Mediodía at the Teatro Nacional.

The dancers will perform excepts from “Naranjas y Limones,” based on the novel “The Orange Girl ” by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder.

The name of the show stems from a famous painting by Julio Romero de Torres. There also will be recitation of poetry written by Federico García Lorca, a victim of the Spanish civil war and a leading 20th century literary figure.

The Teatro al Mediodía, which begins at noon has been a big success for the Teatro Nacional. Admission is just 1,000 or 2,000 colons, about two to four dollars. The presentations are designed for the downtown office crowd on lunch hours, but many tourists also are attracted.

The Al Andalus group has performed the work with as many as 18 dancers.

Promotional photo mixes oranges, lemons and dancers.

Promotional photo mixes oranges, lemons and dancers.

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