Goat milk will be available as powder

Goat milk producers now have a plant that will convert 4,000 liters of the product a day into powder.

The plant in Aguas Zarcas has just started to provide the powdered milk to SuperMolina in San Ramón and Muñoz & Nanne in San Pedro. The Cooperatica de Productores de Leche de Cabra de la Zona Norte de Alajuela said that soon the product will be in the major chains.

The project was a joint one with Comercializadora Valley of  Tres Ríos de La Unión de Cartago.

By creating a milk powder, not only will the milk last much longer, but the cooperative plans exports to Panamá.

The powdered milk will be marketed under the Caprinito label.

The cooperative is made up of  95 members in San Carlos, Guatuso, Los Chiles, Upala y Sarapiquí, the organization said. They collectively have about 4,000 animals.

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