He disputes estimates of prostitutes

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I’m amused by the 2,000 prostitutes in Costa Rica. My numbers would be somewhere around 500-750 at the massage parlors, strip clubs, sports bars. One of the misperceptions are prostitutes can generate a $1,000 a day in revenue. A lot of girls think they can do that, but they find out quickly that is hard to make a living at this business and drop out after a week or so.

I have been here 10 years, and I have never seen a girl locked in a room, chained to a bed or chair, and if there were, I would be making a fast report to the authorities. If a girl was being held against her will, it would not take much to escape and find some quick help.

Yes, many of the girls are from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Colombia, I have seen no Filipinos. The girls come here for many reasons. Some want to travel, get away from their mothers or hear about the possible high earnings, and they find out its not that easy . If a low life wanted to run a string of girls, he would find he could not make enough to pay for the room and board for the girls. The girls would find a way to kick his ass or have him arrested. The girls are young and like to shop and wear the latest fashions. This is the probably the first time they had some real money. Most are supporting children and mothers in their home countries.

If the do-good people want to help women get out of abusive marriages or relationships, they could really help women and save lives. I believe a lot of this hype is from the women’s movement, and they are coming up with these trumped up numbers. Diane Sawyer reported there are 300,000 child sex slaves in the United States. Sigh! With the hyper paranoia in the States, this could not be. The women’s movement wants to stop prostitution. They hate it. Myself, I voted in favor of all women’s rights issues, and women are gaining more and more, and thats good. I think a women-run society would be better than a male-run society.

The girls can make more money than they can in any other business and are free to be independent contractors. The ones that do make it become more business-minded and go on to other businesses.

Let’s ban marriages, the true slavery for both men and women. Look at the statistics of failure. Prostitution should be called   rent a friend, and men and women could be better friends with the sex thing out of the way. The average married couple argue 200-900 times a year, and they say a lot of gay people have abusive relationships. I have been with 356 partners. and except for 3 or 4 manhaters or Gringo haters where I just got up quietly and put my pants on and left, it’s been fun and profitable from  both sides. I think we are  better off solo.
John Nutter
Calle Blancos

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