He wants hospital to be improved

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

On the 17th of  May,  2013, I was rushed to the hospital San Vincente de Paul in Heredia with chest and left arm pains. The staff was very good, and they did a great job of testing me after I asked them to please put me on the stress machine.  The doctor who tested me immediately said “Yes, you have a problem with blockages in your system which showed up on the cardiograph.”

They then admitted me into the cardiac ward and said that I would be sent to the Hospital México for the operation but that I would have to wait for an appointment. A few days later, they came and told me that as soon as there was an opening I would have the procedure and there should be no problems.

Well the time came for me to be transferred to Hospital México, and I was told that due to an emergency my appointment was canceled to some other future date.  After more weeks of my stay, I was given another date and the procedure was successful.

I had 8 stents put in, and the last one was a problem, and I suffered a burst vessel and if it had not been for the quick work of the doctors I would have died on that operating room table.

The doctors called me the Miracle Man. Now I have to say that everybody involved were great people and did their very best to look after me.

Now the reason for my letter is why a first grade hospital like San Vincente de Paul does not have the room or the machines to do this very delicate heart surgery.

Can something be done about this very serious situation? The facility at the Hospital México is taxed to the hilt. They are set up to do 7 to 10 of these operations a day but in actual fact they do 20 to 30 a day. This could be too much for these competent doctors.

What can we do to have this situation changed? Can we find the funds to pay for and build the rooms and have the machinery and staff to resolve this? Is there somebody out there that can help us with funding?   If so, then please let us know.

Albert Nobert

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