Helpless turtle rescued when her captors flee

Really big turtles have a really hard time righting themselves if they are put on their backs. When someone ties their appendages, the task is impossible.

That is how members of the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas and the Fuerza Pública found one female green turtle over the weekend. Someone was getting ready to butcher the critter.

The cooks scampered when they saw police arriving. The turtle was released on a Pacuare beach, officials said.

Turtle hunters not only can get meat that they usually sell in the black market, but they also can obtain turtle eggs from the carcass.

There is a steady market in such goods despite prohibitions against killing turtles. Although adult turtles usually are at sea, they come to shore to create nests and lay eggs. Police noted that this one green turtle might produce 600 eggs in five or six visits to the beach.

Law officers send turtle on her way.

Law officers send turtle on her way.

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