Insurance institute loaning Caja’s Hospital México operating rooms

The Instituto Nacional de Seguros is loaning staffers at Hospital México in its Hospital del Trauma. That means physicians will have two more operating rooms for high priority patients.

The 17 operating rooms at Hospital México are being redone as an emergency because the electrical system failed. Operations have taken place at other local hospitals, and one woman had to petition the Sala IV constitutional court for a cancer operation.

The trauma hospital is close to Hospital Mexico. Many expats do not know that the state insurance agency operates its own medical facilities for those injured on the job.  Those who are covered by the institute’s workman’s compensation policies are supposed to take their injuries to its hospital whenever possible.

The Instituto Nacional de Seguros also is loaning recovery bed space.
The institute said that the priority operations would include those for cancer, brain injuries, spinal injuries and similar. Hospital México officials will provide the staffing.

Some expats who have obligatory medical coverage with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social have complained that they were unable to obtain needed surgical procedures.

The operating rooms at Hospital México have been in a deteriorating state for years, and there is an effort to refurbish them fully.

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