Internet crooks still have their tricks

The security ministry has issued another warning because crooks still are stealing items that persons advertise on the Internet.

A summary said that the items taken include motorcycles and electronic articles.

The crooks use various tricks to get the items away from the owner. In some cases, the crook will show up and ask to make a test ride with the motorcycle that is for sale. He never returns.

In one unusual case, police officers determined that a motorcycle the crook took had been stolen from someone else in the same manner.

To steal a computer or a television set, the crook arranges a meeting in some public place. The crook fails to show up on time and asks that the item be left at a nearby store. The store clerks usually are innocent parties who let an accomplice take the item when the owner is distracted.

In some cases, legitimate messengers are employed to pick up and deliver items to the crooks. Police issued warnings to messengers earlier this year.

Those who are victimized usually are those advertising on social networks or in online classifieds. Investigations have shown that the person managing the crimes can be a prisoner in one of the country’s penitentiaries.

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