Monsanto is behind Tuesday editorial

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I have noticed your highly biased article on GMO foods today. I shows no author in particular nor who is behind the bias. I think you only need to follow the money trail. I would suspect that Monsanto and The Grocery Manufacturers Association, GMA, is ultimately behind it as they have hundreds of millions of dollars to spend to defend their products.

The brave people of a majority of cantons in Costa Rica are against it for good reasons besides the possible health dangers which have been shown in many studies worldwide. Patented seeds take away the freedom of farmers to save seeds from year to year. Increased herbicide use increases poisoning danger and development of super resistant weeds.

Allowing some GMO seeds will contaminate the environment so that farmers who don’t want the GMO will get them by air and can be accused of patent infringement as is done in other countries.  In some countries the farmers are learning that higher yields and lower costs do not materialize.

In India there has been reported that two farmers per minute are committing suicide due to crop failure linked to GMO.

There is a growing backlash against GMO and demand is increasing for non-GMO organic products. Costa Rica should avoid GMO and prepare to fill the higher-priced, non-GMO market. Several leading wellness and natural physicians in the U.S.A. are warning about the dangers of GMO.

Wait and see and study is the appropriate course now, although I would like to see GMO crops and imported raw material prohibited in Costa Rica. At a very minimum, products with GMO components should be labeled as such which many countries have done. I have recently saw photos of rats fed GMO with huge tumors. Dr. Joseph Mercola of the U.S.A. has gathered up a lot of information contrary to that provided in your article.

There are other doctors of similar opinion. You only have to make a Google search to get the other side of the story. An article from you presenting both sides would be more appropriate.

Personally, I have eliminated corn, sugar, canola, cotton seed, soy and processed foods from the U.S.A. and Canada due to the GMO menace. I am glad that we do not have flouridated water here like many countries, and I am looking for tooth paste without fluoride, a hazardous industrial poison, for which I have substituted Dove soap until I can find better.    Incidentally, there are other bad products such as mercury in tooth fillings which is poisonous and triclosan in cleaning products which contributes to resistant bacteria.

Joseph Lassiter,
Playa Hermosa, Guancaste
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