Municipalities embark on trash programs

Two municipalities are embarking on programs to handle waste.

In the Municipalidad de Montes de Oca plans to promote alternative handling of waste grease from restaurants.  Mayor Fernando Trejos B. said the project was an alliance with the Universidad Nacional Estatal a Distancia. The plan is to keep the waste grease out of the sewer system and convert it into biodiesel, he said.

The central canton of Heredia also will be participating in the Gestión Integral de Residuos Sólidos, inspired by a new law. Municipal officials will begin this month with a campaign to encourage residents to generate less trash. Each person now generates an average of a kilo a day, the municipality said. That’s 40,000 tons a year, said an announcement.

The first event is the showing of a U.S. environmental film, “Trashed: No place for waste.” That will be Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Centro Cultural Omar Dengom, the former Escuela República Argentina.

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