New developments on tourist market

When President Luis Guillermo Solís resurrected a long-dead legislative bill, he set off legal reverberations.

The president acted to guarantee a home for the Mercado Nacional de la Artesanía at Calle 13 bis by the Plaza de la Democracia.

The presidential action is being challenged by the Municipalidad de San José and lawmakers. Juan Marín Quirós, a Liberación lawmaker, said Monday he found out that the Sala IV constitutional court will hear three appeals he filed. There are others.

Also Monday the Ministerio de Salud said he had withdrawn the health permit for a location on Avenida 6 south of the Parque de las Garantías Sociales. This is where the municipality hopes to move the merchants from the Plaza de la Democracia site.

Meanwhile there is a pending health action against the Plaza de la Democracia site that was issued July 2.

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