New manual gives coastal dos and don’ts

The nation’s environmental tribunal wants coastal residents to be on the same page with its efforts at protecting the coastline and the seas. So it has produced a manual
that gives some 70 separate pieces of advice to protect the areas.

The  Tribunal Ambiental Administrativo is the organization that conducts sweeps and levies fines for violations. Many of the investigations involve coastal areas including, mangroves, illegal building, management of ditches and obstruction of natural waterways.

The manual also includes copies of selected laws and decrees relating to the coast. The 45-page work is a combination of efforts by many government agencies and also non-profit organizations like The Nature Conservancy and the Programa coastal091814Restaruación de Tiburones y Tortugas Marinas.

José Lino Chaves, tribunal president, noted that the marine area is 10 times larger than the continental area of Costa Rica. So the oceans, fishing, scuba diving also are referenced in the manual, along with protection of sea creatures, such as turtles and whales.


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