New York is just around the corner

Nothing says New York more than all-beef hot dogs. Those Nedick’s dogs did not quite fill out the bun, but who cared because they were cheap and mixed well with the orange drink at the 42nd Street outlet.

Out in Cony Island, there was Nathan’s Famous dogs. The hot dog in many variations was obligatory for seaside visitors. There was another outlet on Long island, and Nathan’s sold its famous dogs all over the East Coast.

A Polish immigrant started the firm nearly 100 years ago, and he had guaranteed customers because the dogs were kosher. But the quality and the taste quickly transcended religious preferences, and the Nathan’s dog became a New York institution.

The original Nedick’s chain vanished in the face of modern competition, but Nathan’s has opened two San José locations without much fanfare.

The dogs are available at Mall San Pedro and at the food court on the fourth floor of Universal on Avenida Central.

Beef dogs were available in Costa Rica before the mad cow disease scare when beef imports from the United States were cut off.

Nathan’s said it also opened outlets in Russia, México City, the Dominican Republic, Turkey, Kuwait, and Canada. More outlets, including some with a drive-thru are planned for Costa Rica, the firm said.

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