Opinion poll gives everyone some ammunition

There’s something for everyone in a public opinion survey.

Casa Presidencial said Wednesday officials there were satisfied with the latest poll on President Luis Guillermo Solís.

A press release cited statistics that said 75 percent of Costa Ricans have a favorable opinion of the president, 43 percent said his work has been good or very good and 54 percent said he was producing a change for the better.

But the same public opinion poll was interpreted differently at the legislature.

Karla Prendas, a lawmaker second in command of the Partido Liberación Nacional faction in the legislature, said that the favorable opinion of the president has dipped recently. And some 60 percent of the population think that the president is on the wrong course, she added.

She said that the economic situation has worsened, and Costa Ricans can see that.

CID Gallup did the survey for the Repretel television network. Some 1,228 adults were contacted by telephone or in person from Sept. 4 to 13.

Although opinion polls are followed closely by politicians, contradictions are not unusual, and unrelated developments, wording of questions and many other factors can influence the results.

In addition, few Costa Ricans are in a position to evaluate the Solís administration.

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