Police officers still battle turtle egg thieves

Police gave chase and detained a driver who ignored requests to stop in Guanacaste Tuesday night.

After the three-kilometer chase officers found a trunk full of turtle eggs. There were 9,400, police officers said when they completed the count Wednesday morning.

They added that to the total of 223 eggs they confiscated from a woman and a female teenager earlier Tuesday at Playa Bejuco.

They are believed to be green turtle eggs.

The eggs find a ready market at some bars because of their presumed powers. Police are quick to note that the beaches where the turtles lay eggs are too vast for continual patrol.

The Fuerza Pública said the 9,400 eggs represented the largest confiscation anywhere in the country this year. The Caribbean coast also is a hotbed of turtle egg thefts.

A trunk full of turtle eggs.

A trunk full of turtle eggs.

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