Police say man created false documents

Immigration police have detained a man called one of the biggest providers of false identity documents.

The man was detained near Hospital México in La Uruca. He was in the act of delivering a fake work permit, said the Policía Profesional de Migración. This is the second time that the man, identified by the last names of  Castillo Barquero, has been detained on the same charge.

In 2012 police raided the man’s home where they found equipment for making fake documents.

The main customers for the documents were Nicaraguans and others who were seeking work in Costa Rica. The immigration police said that the detained man told his customers that the documents were legitimate. He charged 30,000 colons or about $55 for a work permit and 70,000 colons (nearly $130) for a cédula de residencia known as a DIMEX, said police.

Those who would buy the documents were located at Parque de la Merced and outside the immigration offices in La Uruca, said police.

Job seekers have to show such documents to potential employers are part of the hiring process.

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