President briefed on lion fish in Caribbean

President Luis Guillermo Solís pledged support for the campaign to eliminate the lion fish when he visited Puerto Viejo de Talamanca over the weekend.

The lion fish is the invasive predator that is ravaging the Caribbean coasts.

There was no indication what type of support would be forthcoming. Both the environmental ministry and local fishermen have been seeking to control the fish for several years.

However, Casa Presidencial did urge Costa Ricans to eat more lion fish to create a market for the local fishermen. The fish is tasty and easy to spear.

Solís also told residents that he would extend a moratorium on evictions that had been instituted by president Laura Chinchilla. The properties involved are those that are built in the maritime zone. Solís also said that he would extend the moratorium on evictions to other sections of the country where residents are in a similar fix.

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