Session this week to promote digital TV standards

The telecom ministry plans a two-day seminar to brief experts here on the finer points of digital television.

Costa Rica has chosen a Japanese-Brazilian digital system, so experts from both countries will be at the Wednesday and Thursday sessions in the Hotel Wyndham Herradura

Costa Rica television transmissions are supposed to be all-digital by 2017. Canal 13 of the Sistema Nacional de Radio y Television in late March 2012 announced that the government transmitter was the first to use the Japanese-Brazilian digital format.

North American sets use the advanced television systems committee standards or ATSC. The Japanese-Brazilian system is called ISDB.Tb for integrated services digital broadcasting.

The only persons who will be affected are those who receive television transmissions over the air.

That number is becoming fewer and fewer as cable and Internet transmissions gain market share. Those stuck with an analog television set after the full changeover will have to purchase a translator box. These already are available in the country.

The changeover is now the domain of the  Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Telecomunicaciones

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