Talamanca benefit will give a glimpse of Bribri and Cabécar life

The local radio station is putting on a festival this weekend in one of the more remote communities in the Talamancas. The location is  Amubri, the home of  La Voz de Talamanca, which can be found on 88.3 FM broadcasting along the southern Caribbean coast and into the high Talamancas.

The Festival Cultural Ák Wàwok – La Molida en Piedra begins Thursday and runs through Sunday.

The staff of the radio station promise a candid look into the culture of both the Bribri and the Cabécar who live in the areas. The community is east of the regional commercial center of Bribri and even further past Suretka.

“We are organizing this event with the desire to share with the whole national community a part of the traditions of the Talamanca area that correspond to our most authentic roots and that, although being the base of our identity and our own culture, are, in general, little known,” said an invitation.

The festival name has to do with the grinding of corn with a stone.

The staff said that traditional songs and dance will be presented as well as demonstrations of traditional activities such as weaving. There also will be bow and arrow demonstrations and a big selection of traditional foods. For those who wish to stay overnight, there will be lodging with members of the community, the radio staff said.

One of the goals of the event is to raise money for the radio station which provides support for the community, the announcement said. The event has the support of a group of Universidad de Costa Rica students.

The native peoples of the Talamancas fought aggressively against the Spanish. Even today there are many monolingual residents, and many are in small distant villages.

Talamancan pictographs from the announcement.

Talamancan pictographs from the announcement.

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