Coastal towns jeopardized by appeal, chambers say

Three organizations related to tourism are opposing an appeal of a law covering the coastal zones of the country. If the appeal is accepted by the constitutional court, communities like Puerto Viejo on the south Caribbean coast will face demolition, they say.

The organizations are the Cámara de Turismo del Caribe Sur, the Cámera Nacional de Turismo and the Cámera  Costarricense de Hoteles.

Article 8 of Ley N° 9221 appears to grandfather in property rights of homeowners and business operators in the 50 meters above high tide line. This is the article being challenged in a Sala IV appeal.

And this is the appeal that the chambers hope the court will not accept. They are seeking to file parallel briefs against the appeal.

If the court accepts the appeal and throws out that section of the law, all the infrastructure in that zone, which is most of Puerto Viejo, will have to be destroyed, said the national tourism chamber.

The chamber also wants those affected to be heard by the court.

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