Double murder seems to have uncovered string of serial killings

Investigators are following the trail left by a man accused of a double murder in Sixaola.

As a result, they found the bones presumed to be of a missing agricultural worker in a shallow grave in Suerre de Pococí Monday. The identification will not be conclusive until family members are located and DNA test are run, but agents are pretty sure the bones are those of William Duarte Gaitán, 56,  who was murdered last Jan. 6.

Investigators have inside information, perhaps even from the suspect, that led them to the grave and helped them make the identification.

Duarte worked for a property owner who
also is missing. The suspect in these cases is Florentino Elizondo Ríos, 41, who came into police hands early Sunday after hiding out in the jungle for nearly four days.

The Judicial Investigating Organization is handling the case as one of a serial killer. Agents think they can clear up eight murders with the one suspect. Not all are victims hidden in graves. One is a bus driver who died during a robbery

The dead driver was a 64-year-old man with the last name of Álvarez, who tried to stop the robbery, according to agents at the time. The bus was near the end of its Limón-Sixaola run about 9 p.m. July 26, 2013.

Elizondo was the object of a massive search last weekend after two young men were murdered.

One of the dead men was  José García García, 23, who was identified by the Cuerpo de Bomberos because he was a volunteer firefighter for nearly two years. The second victim was identified as  José Torres Torres. 21. Both were buried Saturday amid an outpouring of community sympathy and an escort of firefighters. The young men appear to have stumbled upon their killer and associates while going to tend their crops in  Paraíso de Sixaola.

Agents knew about Elizondo before the two young men were killed because there was an arrest warrant outstanding for him.

William Duarte Gaitán

William Duarte Gaitán

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