Double murder suspect is subject of massive Sixaola search

More than 200 law enforcement officers were sweeping the jungle between BriBri and Sixaola today seeking the third suspect in a double murder.

The Fuerza Pública identified the suspect with the last name of

There also were a series of highway blockades and boat patrols to prevent the man from leaving the area or entering nearby Panamá, said the security ministry.

A helicopter and crew from the  Servicio de Vigilancia Aérea also was involved in the search.

Elizondo bolted into the jungle when police stopped a vehicle
Thursday night. Two other persons in the car were detained after a brief firefight, police said.

“We are not going to let him escape,” said  Gustavo Mata Vega, a vice minster of Seguridad Pública.

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Two men have been exhumed from rude graves, and the Fuerza Pública said that two men have been detained in their murders.

One of the dead men is  José García García, 23, who was identified by the Cuerpo de Bomberos because he was a volunteer firefighter.

The second victim was identified by the Judicial Investigating Organization by the last name of  Torres. The bodies were found in  Paraíso de Sixaola in a section called Parcelas, That was where the pair had farmland. They were last seen Monday when they left to tend their land.

The owner of an adjacent parcel of land had a strange story Wednesday evening.

The man presented himself to judicial agents abut 6:30 p.m. and said that he had been abducted by three men who took him to the spot where the two victims were tied to a tree. The victim already showed

signs of stab wounds. The man told agents that his abductors wanted him to kill García and Torres, but he declined and watched as one of the abductors killed both with a blade to the throats and then buried them.  The man told agents he was able to flee.

The two men were reported missing Tuesday, and a number of volunteers including firefighters took to the fields and woods to attempt to locate them. García had been a firefighter since December and worked out of the  Bribrí, Talamanca, station.

Agents are believed to have been led to the grave site by the man who said he was abducted. The Fuerza Pública originally said that this man was detained.

Agents also said that they had a tip that a man wanted for murders in Guápiles was in the area.

Then Thursday evening, the Fuerza Púbica officers reported that two men had been stopped in a car at a checkpoint near  Sixaola. They were identified by the last names of  Gómez and Castellón. The men tried to evade police, a report said. They were identified as murder suspects.

The area of the crime is in southeast Costa Rica in an region that has a high native population. The area also produces a lot of marijuana from hidden patches in the hills.

Crew of a police boat patrol checks out an unattended canoe on a bank of the Río Sixaola Friday morning.

Crew of a police boat patrol checks out an unattended canoe on a bank of the Río Sixaola Friday morning.

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