Everyone loves higher education after students conduct march

As expected, students mostly from the Universidad de Costa Rica and Universidad Nacional in Heredia marched Tuesday to the legislature to defend a proposed budget that is 14 percent higher than last year.

The threat of a student march already had caused the Partido Liberación Nacional to pull a proposal for reductions in the higher education budget. But the party said after the march that it still was going to seek cuts in other parts of the budget.

Sandra Piszk of Liberación accused Presidentis Guillermo Solís and Asemblea Legislativa President Henry Mora of encouraging the march. Nothing like that has been seen in the history of Costa Rica, she said, adding that marches should only come after dialogue is exhausted.

Solís is a university professor, and a lot of his support in the presidential election came from academics and students.

Other lawmakers in the afternoon legislative session reconfirmed their commitment to high education. Representatives of other political parties said they still would seek to cut the educational budget.

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