Government official accepts apology and resumes negotiations

Government officials were miffed when they hear that striking Limón dockworkers burned photos of Luis Guillermo Solís and some of his ministers in a protest Monday.

So Casa Presidencial broke off negotiations with the striking union, the  Sindicato de Trabajadores de Japdeva.

Víctor Morales Mora, the minister of Trabajo, said later Tuesday that negotiations were back on after the union leaders issued an apology. However, there is no sign of an agreement even after government officials offered a fat package of development money for the docks and the central canton of Limón.

Negotiations might pick up today after the president returns from a trip seeking investments from Canada. He has not been present physically for many of the meetings with dock workers, and  Morales and other ministers have been handing the discussions.

Strikers went out Wednesday, and the Fuerza Pública took control of the docks that evening.

Although the government says the docks at Moín and Limón are functioning normally, those who depend on the docks have told reporters that shipments are tied up.

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