Judicial agents raid another location they say was a brothel

Judicial agents Wednesday afternoon raided another bar they said was a brothel. This time the raid was in Las Llanuras del Gaspar de Sarapiquí.

The Judicial Investigation Organization said that a man, 63 and a woman, 36 were detained on pimping charges.

There also are human trafficking charges because agents alleged that Nicaraguan women were smuggled across the border to perform sexual services in the bar and adjacent home.

Agents also located three unregistered firearms, they said.

Agents said they received a tip that there were girls as young as 15 working at the establishment, but they did not report finding any underage individuals during their raid.

The bar appeared to have been fairly upscale because agents said that the usual price for a sexual encounter was 50,000 colons. That is much higher than similar ventures in the area.

There have been several such raids in the last month. Agents seem to be targeting locations where they believe minors are employed.

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